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VIDEO: Porsche film Boxster 25 Edition promo in Croatia

Porsche Boxster 25 Edition Promo Video


Croatia’s stunning scenery has provided car manufacturers with the perfect setting to shoot eye-catching commercials over the years with Porsche the latest. 

The German luxury car maker has shot their promotional video and photos for the special limited anniversary model celebrating 25 years of the Porsche Boxster in Croatia on the roads on the island of Pag and the Adriatic Highway, which was built in the middle of the last century, and in almost its entire length of 650 km offers a beautiful view of Croatian nature.

Porsche’s photographers set off on a hill towards Gospić, and on the ascent they managed to capture several beautiful shots with a view of the Adriatic. Finally, there is Kubus at the very top where the monument to the construction of the road Karlobag – Gospić across Velebit is located, Index.hr writes.

“Drive forever young. Celebrating the milestone the way a real roadster should – on the open road. Presenting the Boxster 25 years with its six cylinders, 294kW (400PS) and – of course – that rich Boxer engine sound. Limited to 1,250 units, this anniversary model embodies its cumulative years of unrestricted driving pleasure, coupled with the feeling of eternal youth,” Porsche said in its description of the Boxster 25 Edition. 

Check out the video below. 

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