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VIDEO: New Zadar waterfront officially unveiled

New Zadar waterfront officially unveiled

New Zadar waterfront officially unveiled (Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

The modernisation and revitalisation of Zadar’s waterfront are among significant projects undertaken by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure.

Lying in the heart of Zadar, the Zadar port has always held a special significance for the city and its people. After three years of intensive renovation works, the new Zadar waterfront has been officially unveiled.

The project “Reconstruction and Construction of Zadar City Harbor Infrastructure – Peninsula” has been successfully completed, encompassing the reconstruction of King Petar Krešimir IV’s coast, the reconstruction and extension of the corresponding pier, and the refurbishment of the hinterland section of the Liburnian coast, Morski.hr writes. 

These improvements will restore the former glory of the Zadar port, one of the oldest and busiest ports in Croatia.

A notable feature of the project is the relocation of the busiest state ship line 409 Zadar-Preko, as well as the possibility of accommodating more ferries. This enhancement will lead to reduced waiting times, improved connectivity between Zadar and the neighbouring islands, and shorter and safer journeys for locals and tourists alike.

Through long-term planning and successful agreements, with the support of European funds, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure has ensured the implementation of numerous priority projects in Zadar and Zadar County. This particular project, with a total value of almost 9 million euros, received significant funding (8.8 million euros) in non-repayable funds, with 7.5 million euros coming from European sources.

Preserving the Authentic Look

The project involved the reconstruction of the 905.82 meters long and 5 to 5.6 meters wide King Petar Krešimir IV’s coast, as well as the reconstruction (approximately 64.5 meters) and extension (15 meters) of the pier. The final dimensions of the pier, 80×15 meters, have been restored to the same size it had a century ago when it was first built as a ship terminal. The works also included the refurbishment of the 600-meter long and 5-meter wide hinterland section of the Liburnian coast.

New Zadar waterfront officially unveiled

(Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

The project was executed in two phases, with the first phase focusing on new foundation constructions and the wall of King Petar Krešimir IV’s coast, while the second phase concentrated on the pier itself. A safety vessel facility (lantern) was constructed 3.5 meters away from the top of the pier, resembling the previous one that was destroyed during World War II. The reconstruction carefully ensured that all the details of the facade and interior design matched the existing lantern at the entrance to the Zadar City Harbour.

The restoration of Zadar’s waterfront is an immensely important project for the city, Zadar County, and the Republic of Croatia. In the framework of the Call for Co-financing of Coastal Maritime Line Infrastructure Improvement, the Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure, in collaboration with the Zadar Port Authority as the project holder, successfully completed this endeavour. Apart from restoring the former charm of the Zadar waterfront, its maintenance, in the long run, will be easier and more cost-effective.

Million-Euro Projects for Modern Transport Connectivity in Zadar and the County

In addition to the mentioned project, investments in safety, transport infrastructure, connectivity, and mobility in Zadar and Zadar County are taking place through multiple projects totalling over 60 million euros, with nearly 50 million euros funded through non-repayable funds from European sources.

Two noteworthy projects in this regard involve the procurement of new buses for Liburnija d.o.o., which resulted in the acquisition of 46 buses, thereby enhancing the quality and safety of public transportation for citizens. These projects are part of a broader initiative by the Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure aimed at renewing the fleets of public transport operators throughout Croatia. Furthering the cause of safer and better transport connectivity are successfully completed projects such as the “Traffic Master Plan for the Northern Dalmatia Functional Region” and the “Construction of Tkon Ferry Port Phase 1 Subphase 2.” Both projects are vital for the economic growth of the region.

Additionally, projects that are still ongoing will significantly contribute to the development of transport infrastructure, safer traffic, and citizen mobility. The project “Elimination of Blackspots on State Roads,” aimed at rectifying three dangerous traffic locations, two of which are located within Zadar, is in its final stages and is expected to conclude in the autumn of this year. Furthermore, the “Extension of the Sali City Port on Dugi Otok Island” is underway to expedite transit throughout the year and improve the quality of life for local residents.

New Zadar waterfront officially unveiled

(Photo credit: Boris Kačan)

The successful implementation of these projects in Zadar and Zadar County is a result of dedicated efforts and collaboration between project stakeholders and the Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure. These endeavours significantly enhance citizens’ quality of life, open new development prospects for the entire county, and improve the international connectivity and position of Zadar and Zadar County within the wider European context.

Recognizing the potential for improving transport infrastructure and enhancing citizen safety form the foundational principles guiding the Ministry of the Sea, Transport, and Infrastructure when utilising funds from European sources. Through these and similar projects, the Ministry is not only developing and connecting Zadar and its surroundings but also contributing to the progress of Croatia as a whole. By continuously contracting strategic projects, the Ministry will continue to create conditions for safer and more efficient transit and greater mobility for all citizens.

Check out the video below:

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