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VIDEO: New promo video for Vukovar premieres

Vukovar (Screenshot)

Over the last few years the Croatian city of Vukovar has seen growth in the number of tourists. 

Vukovar is located in the eastern part of Croatia and was the heavily attacked during the Homeland War in the 1990s. The city is experience tourism growth and a new tourism promo video was presented on Wednesday. 

The video is titled ‘Vukovar for all time’ is aimed at enticing visitors and helping contribute to further tourist growth in the city. The video follows happenings in Vukovar during the year and showcases what the city has to offer, including cultural attractions, memorial places, the river, food and more.

Two promo videos were produced, a 3-minute-long video which will be shown at tourist fairs and also an 8 minute video which features more content from the around the city.  

“Tourism in Vukovar is developing, we are seeing more and more content as well as an increase in the number of accommodation units as well,” said Vukovar Mayor Ivan Penava. 

Vukovar Tourist Board director Marina Sekulić commented: “This video is an opportunity for all to see what kind of beautiful city we have and the tourist potential we have.”

According to data, last year Vukovar experienced 4% growth in tourist arrivals compared to the previous year. In 2018, Vukovar recorded 47,503 arrivals and 73,506 overnight stays. Last year the city 219 cruisers with 31,972 tourists on board. This year 240 cruisers are expected to arrive. 

Check out the 3 minute video below. 

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