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VIDEO: How Croatians first arrived depicted in popular new beer ad

Scene from the ad ‘We are staying where we are’ (Promo)

A light-hearted new beer commerical is proving popular after it was released this week. 

‘Ostajemo di smo’ (We are staying where we are) is the name of the new Ožujsko beer advertising campaign and this week the commercial was unveiled and has immediately become a hit.

The ad, which stars popular Croatian actors Goran Bogdan, Goran Navojec and Rene Bitorajac, is set in the 7th century and tells the story of the arrival of Croatians on the land. 

The humourous ad was shot over four days near Ivanić Grad and also near Senj with over 200 extras involved. 

“People are emigrating in mass. When I was coming up with the idea, I thought to show people how Croatians first arrived. The reaction has been great,” Almir Okanović from BBDO Zagreb, who created the ad said. 

Check out the ad (English transcript of text in the video is below)

Eastern Europe

7th century

Prophet: Brothers Slavs, let us see who goes which way! You Poles, to the north!

Polish: Great!

Prophet: You Russians, to the east!

Russian: Thank heavens!

Prophet: You Czechs, to the west!

Czech: Perfect!

Croatian: And where do we go?!

Prophet: There, where no one wants to.

Croatian: Where?

Prophet: South!

(old Slavic cussing)

Bosnian: Croatians are really in the big trouble!

Montenegrin: Really, they’re gonna have to work on that karst on such great heat!

Croatian 2: Such beauty!

Croatian 3: After so many years, finally on our own turf. Are we staying?

Croatians: We’re staying!


21st century

Croatian: Finally alone at the beach!

Croatian 3: Are we staying?

Croatian 2: Well, we’re staying.

Narrator: No matter what, our joy lasts on these areas since the 7th century. And hence we’re staying where we are!

Prophet: Brothers, south Slavs!

Bosnian: How do you mean, south? We as well?

Montenegrin: Let me tell you, I’m not about to work on that karst.

Bosnian: Me neither.

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