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[VIDEO] Heavy Rain Puts Parts of Croatia Underwater

CroatiaPersistent heavy rain across the northern Balkans to southern Poland has caused havoc in Croatia on Thursday…

A period of wet weather, with the worst to hit later on Thursday, has left emergency services in the country with their hands full. The town of Vodice on the Dalmatian coast has been flooded after more tha 120 litres per square metre fell between 6am and 9am this morning. A number of apartments and business premises have been flooded as emergency services pump water from the damaged properties. Children from one kindergarten had to be evacuated.

Homes were also flooded in the towns of Tribunj and Bujica, which roads were flooded in Karlovac. There are fears again that areas which were flooded back in May in the eastern part of the country may be under threat again. The coastal town of Split also came in for a pounding on Thursday with 62 litres of rain per square metre falling in a s short space of time. The Adriatic coast will see the most amount of rain later today, as will Istria and inland Dalmatia with more than 100 litres per square metre forecast to hit those regions. Rain is set to last until Sunday.

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