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VIDEO: Hailstones the size of tennis balls fall in western Croatia

Massive hailstones fell today in western Croatia (Photo: Lino Loncaric/source: Neverin.hr)

11 June 2019 – Hailstones the size of tennis have fallen in Brod Moravice in Gorski Kotar in the west of Croatia on Tuesday.

The seldom seen hailstones struck the Gorski Kotar area today, causing damage to cars and roofs in the area, neverin.hr reported. 

Severe thunderstorms which developed in Slovenian on Tuesday spread to the north of Gorski Kotar in the afternoon bringing massive thunderstorms and huge hailstones. A number of cars and roofs were battered by the onslaught of hailstones. 

Istramet’s sensors detected over 5000 lightning strikes in two hours in the area during the massive storm which hit Slovenia and parts of Gorski Kotar. 

Photos and video below. 

Tennis ball-sized hailstones in Gorski Kotar today (Photo: Lino Loncaric/source: Neverin.hr)

Hailstones this size are rare in the area (Photo: Lino Loncaric/source: Neverin.hr)

The hailstones caused damage to cars (Photo: Lino Loncaric/source: Neverin.hr)

Hailstones the size of a fist fall in Gorski Kotar (Photo: Lino Loncaric/source: Neverin.hr)

(Photo: Lino Loncaric/source: Neverin.hr)

Video: Sanja Šneperger/neverin.hr

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