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VIDEO: Golden Light of Dubrovnik

Golden Light of Dubrovnik (Credit: Christin Necker)

A couple of years ago Swiss photographer Christin Necker combined thousands of photos to create the video ‘Dubrovnik-Pearl of Adriatic’ which won best timelapse video at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival.

She spent eight days and nights then capturing some incredible footage showcasing the difference between daytime and nighttime in Dubrovnik for her award-winning video.

The keen photographer has just finished another project.

“In 2016 I saw the beautiful golden light for the first time in Dubrovnik. One year later I decide: “let’s go higher for that” and take my drone to capture the moments. Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen: This is my homage to the amazing Croatian city Dubrovnik,” says Christin.

(Credit: Christin Necker)

The film was made entirely with only her DJI Phantom pro and a set of ND filters. To get the cinematic feeling and look, as she has used the 180-degree shutter rule, she uses slow movement and the right time of the day for shooting.

Check out her latest film – Golden Light of Dubrovnik – below.

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