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VIDEO: Dubrovnik unveils animated film educating tourists on rules of conduct in the city

Dubrovnik unveils animated film educating tourists how to respect the city

(Respect the City/Animated Film/Grad Dubrovnik)

The City of Dubrovnik, in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, has commissioned the production of an animated film that introduces viewers to the rules of conduct for visitors within the historical core of the famous city. 

The film was recently presented today at a press conference, and Mayor Mato Franković emphasised that the aim of this campaign is to educate tourists.

“This animated film is a means of communication with our guests, to inform them about the behaviour we expect from them when they arrive in our city. Our goal is not to punish them but to familiarise them in a simple way with what constitutes acceptable behaviour in the protected UNESCO heritage site,” said Mayor Mato Franković during the film’s presentation in Dubrovnik.

He also reported on where the film is already being shown, such as on Croatia Airlines flights and cruise ships upon entering the port of Gruž, as a result of the Memorandum of Cooperation with CLIA, the umbrella organisation of the cruise industry. The film will also be screened at Dubrovnik Airport and seaport, as well as on all platforms of the City, municipal companies, and institutions. Negotiations are also underway with Dubrovnik hotels.

The animator, Stjepan Milas, is the author of the film. He previously received a high recognition at the 2020 International Tourism Film Festival ART&TUR for his animated film “Safe Vacation,” which was made during the height of the pandemic.

The main protagonist of the film is the Knight Orlando, who presents the key messages of the project “Respect the City” to viewers in a simple manner. 

These messages include dressing appropriately for walks, not riding bicycles or electric scooters in the historical core, not littering cigarette butts, keeping dogs on a leash, and more. The film uses the format of a silent animated film, which is universal and easily understandable to a wide audience and all generations.

“The film is part of the communication activities of the ‘Respect the City’ project, which the Tourist Board promotes worldwide and has been recognised as a completely new and successful approach to sustainable tourism. The chosen format of this film serves as a gentle form of communication that will alert viewers to certain behaviours and prohibitions. 

Educating tourists worldwide is currently ‘in’ because all tourist cities face the same problem,” said Miro Drašković, Director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. He also emphasised that the film will be promoted through all channels of the Croatian National Tourist Board worldwide.

Check out the film below.

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