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VIDEO: Dina Levacic falls short in attempt to swim from Vis – Split

Dina during her attempt on Thursday to swim from Vis to Split (Photo: Dina Levacic)

SPLIT, 25 July 2019 – 23-year-old Croatian swimmer Dina Levacic has failed in her second attempt to swim 54 kilometres from the island of Vis to Split today. 

Dina departed from the island Vis on Thursday at 3 am but after swimming 35km, she was forced to end her attempt just after 2 pm after having serious problems breathing. 

Dina setting off this morning from Vis at 3 am (Photo: Dina Levacic)

“After 35 km, because of big problems breathing, Dina has had to stop. Thanks everybody for the support,” her team confirmed just after 2:15 pm today. 

Dina on the support boat after breathing problems forced her stop (Photo: Dina Levacic)

At the halfway mark, Dina was swimming nicely but a few kilometres later the breathing problems became too much and she was forced to stop just under 20 km from Split. 


Last year, after swimming more than 51 kilometres and battling extremely strong currents, she ended 3 km short of Split.

Dina, who is from Solin near Split, completed the Triple Crown in 2017 when she swam across the English Channel (34 km), between Catalina Island and the California mainland (32.5 km) and done the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim (48.5 km).

The last Croatian to swim from the island of Vis to Split was Croatian marathon swimmer Veljko Rogosic back in 1975.

Although she did not reach the finish line today, it was a great effort from Dina nonetheless. 

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