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VIDEO: Croatian artist creates futuristic skull as a symbol of reincarnation

TAF SKAL by Bruno Koncul

The fear of death is probably one of the easiest fears to identify with. It’s quite understandable, because how do we explain to ourselves that one day we will all simply stop existing?

Some of us deal with that fear by believing in an heaven-like afterlife. Some of us believe in art. Among the latter is a young Croatian artist, Bruno Koncul. In his search for a form of a neverending life, he created TAF SKAL – a futuristic skull to which we can transfer our digital self and by that, we can continue to live even after death.

TAF SKAL by Bruno Koncul

This bond between art and technology keeps us safe from oblivion by giving us a chance to transfer ourselves from a physical form to a digital one.

TAF SKAL by Bruno Koncul

This all might sound like pure fiction, but it’s quite real, it’s here. Your digital self can be left behind to your loved ones after your death and by that, you can continue to live with them.

A skull, that is a fascinating work of art on its own, conceals a computer which will please even the most demanding users, and the security protocols are so well developed that you can rest assured that the computer will be used only by those who you left it to.

TAF SKAL by Bruno Koncul

Basically, I wanted to make an avatar as a result of this digital age in which we strive to live lives as perfect as they get”‘, says the artist behind TAF SKAL.

Koncul’s sculpture, ornated with 8640 hand-glued Swarovski crystals is the talk in art and tech circles around the world and is also considered as a prop for a Hollywood blockbuster.

TAF SKAL by Bruno Koncul

Koncul has also just finished a render for a Donald Trump TAF SKAL, so who knows, soon we might see it in the Oval Office.

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