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VIDEO: Concert on Split-Vela Luka ferry in honour of Oliver Dragojević

A five-day event dedicated to the late Oliver Dragojević started today with a concert on the ferry “Korčula” that sailed between Split and Vela Luka on the island of Korčula where Oliver was born. 

Performing a host of hits from the legendary singer were Dupini, Petar Dragojević, Ante Gelo and a number of other young musicians. The free concert was enjoyed by the large number of passengers on board.

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Oliver passed away on 29 July 2018 and all this week there will be tributes to the singer during the event “Trag u beskraju.”

Below is a program of the events happening during the week and culminating on Sunday night. 

Wednesday – 27 July

21:00 Opening of the exhibition “Oliver, Split and Luka in the work of Lili Gluić” – Center for Culture Vela Luka

Friday – 29 July 

09:00 –  Laying a wreath at the local cemetery of Sv. Rok

10:00 – Recital in the church of Sv. Josip

Performers: Matija Cvek & Ante Gelo & Sequentia Quartet

21:00  Concert “Trag u beskraju” on the waterfront in Vela Luka – live on HRT1

Performers: Zorica Kondža, Doris Dragović, Tedi Spalato, Petar Grašo, Petar Dragojević, Eli Žuvela, Iva Ajduković, Jure Brkljača, Matija Cvek, Igor Drvenkar, Alen Đuras, Sabrina Hebiri, Dino Jelusić, Marko Kutlić, Stjepan Lach, Lorena Bućan, Josip Palameta, Dino Petrić, Bruna Oberan, Sequentia Quartet

Saturday – 30 July 

21:30 – Concert ‘Vrijeme ljubavi’ on the market in front of the church of Sv. Josip

Performers: Zorica Kondža and Joška Banova’s orchestra

Tickets available online.

Sunday – 31 July 

21:30 JAZZ NIGHT – on the market in front of the church of St. Josip

Performers: Gibonni, Matija Dedić, Dražen Bogdanović, Marko Ramljak, Marko Reljanović, Branimir Gazdik

You can see more videos from the concert on the Trag u beskraju Facebook page 

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