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VIDEO: CNN Visit Croatia to Profile the Man Behind the Smart Bench

Croatian smart bench catch CNN’s attention (Photo: Include)

American news outlet CNN visited Croatia recently to learn more about young 22-year-old entrepreneur Ivan Mrvoš and his smart benches which he has sold all over the world.

Mrvoš’s company Include manufacturers ‘the world’s best smart street bench’ which are located in over 25 countries on 4 continents.

Their Steora smart bench is a solar-powered bench with multiple functionalities, including wireless and USB charging, free Wi-Fi, ambient lighting, a cooling system for the seating, and 15 smart sensors.

They recently unveiled the Steora Urban model which includes a 19” super-bright LED display, which can be used for showing ads, videos, pictures or various information helpful to the public.

(Photo: Include)

“I do not really have an idol. There are people and companies that I am following that are doing a great job with their own philosophies but I am not trying to be Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg or somebody else, I’m trying to be myself and to make myself an idol,” Ivan Mrvos, who is from Solin near Split, starts off telling CNN.

CNN visits the headquarters of Include as Mrvoš shows how the benches are made and also shares his philosophy and plans.

Check out the CNN feature video below.

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