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[VIDEO] Breathtaking Footage of Croatia’s Magnificent Krka River

Krka River (Photo credit: Goran Šafarek)

Croatia is full of stunning natural wonders. One of those is the magnificent Krka River situated in Dalmatia.

The Krka River is known for its numerous waterfalls, including the famous Skradinski buk waterfall.

With magical waterfalls and gorges, and with the river gushing through a karstic canyon 200 metres deep, the Krka river is truly one of Croatia’s pearls.

(Photo: Goran Šafarek)

The river has its source near the border of Croatia with Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the foot of the Dinara mountain and flows past the Fortress of Knin into the main canyon.

(Photo: Goran Šafarek)

(Photo: Goran Šafarek)

Part of the river belongs to the impressive Krka National Park.

(Photo: Goran Šafarek)

(Photo: Goran Šafarek)

Croatian scientist, photographer, and filmmaker Goran Šafarek, who has been protecting and promoting Croatian rivers for over 10 years, has just created a breathtaking video showing just how magnificent the Krka river is.

Check it out below.

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