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[VIDEO] Bird’s-Eye View of Impressive Baljenac Island

Baljenac island (Sibenik)

The amazing island of Baljenac, with its unique stone walls which resembles lace, or a fingerprint, could be Croatia’s next UNESCO-protected piece of cultural heritage.

The small island of Baljenac is located in the Šibenik archipelago on the Dalmatian coast with just over 23 kilometres of dry stone walls on the island which is only 0.14 km2.

The walls were made by hand, with no modern machinery or tools, to cultivate grapevines. Locals in the area, mainly from the neighboring island of Kaprije, would go over to Baljenac island to grow grapes and other fruits.

There is a push to have the unique island of stone walls protected by UNESCO with an application to have it inscribed as a UNESCO cultural heritage underway.

Check out this impressive aerial footage of the unique island.

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