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‘Uber Good’ First 2 Weeks in Zagreb for Uber


Uber, the mobile-app-based taxi network which connects you with a driver in minutes, launched in the Croatian capital late last month. So how have Uber’s first two weeks operating in Zagreb gone? Very good according to all accounts…

Zagreb has become one of the fastest growing cities in Europe for Uber with unprecedented demand, the company said yesterday. The Uber application has been opened 50,000 times in Croatia since its launch 14 days ago, with 8,000 new users registering. Uber says that the average rating for drivers was 4.8 out of 5, with big interest in drivers coming from all over the country.

Loic Amado, Uber’s spokesperson in Croatia said: “These were two of the most exciting weeks in the company’s history in Europe. Drivers are telling us that they are getting more customers in a short period of time, which means they are spending less time waiting for the next customer. Drivers on average have 30% more customers than they had before Uber started.”

In Zagreb UberX was only launched, which means only licensed taxi drivers are able to become Uber drivers.
“Every city is different and the reasons they choose Uber are different. With 13,000 applications being opened before we started we knew that the interest was big, but after 50,000 applications opened in the last two weeks and 8,000 new users we are thrilled with the interest of our services in Zagreb,” said Amado.

Because of Croatia’s thriving tourist scene, Uber plan next year to launch in Dubrovnik, Split and on some of the Croatian islands.

How Uber works in Zagreb:

1. User download the Uber app. Users than can order transport via the app.

2. The app locates the user and forwards the request to the closest registered Uber driver, which in Zagreb will only be registered taxi drivers at this stage. Users will be able to follow the driver’s movements on their smartphone.

3. After the service is complete the fee is deducted from the user’s credit card which is submitted at registration. Commission is taken by Uber and the driver from the fee. (base fare is 8HRK then 4HRK per kilometre)

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