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Twin Croatian Fashion Sisters in the US Unite for a Great Cause

The Curic sisters with Tajci Cameron in the middle

After learning about a dear friend’s cancer diagnosis, Croatian-born fashion designer Marija Curic, and her twin sister Ivana Curic, founder of Curic&Curic LLC Eco-Friendly Fashion Label, decided to unite and donate their designs and time to Matthew Shane Cameron, who suffers from Stage IV Lung cancer (non-smoker kind).

Every shirt is hand painted by Marija Curic, who designed an image of healthy lungs and painted it on the back of shirts. Marija hopes that this design benefits other people who are also fighting the same disease like Matthew Shane Cameron, who is the husband of Croatian late 80s and 90s singing sensation and American TV host Tajci Cameron.

The design represents healthy lungs and includes #breathefree as for patients that is the hardest part.
Designer Marija Curic of Curic&Curic Fashions is donating her original work to cover the expense of Matthew Cameron’s battle with lung cancer.

Matthew is an entrepreneur who has always been passionate about supporting artists, solopreneurs and small biz owners. His love for “humans of the earth’ who are innovators, seekers and game changers is apparent in his work with Stormlight Pictures. Matthew’s wish is to heal and continue to inspire humans to Breathe Free and follow their inner ‘why.’

“This is bigger than Matthew’s cancer… It’s bigger than lung cancer. It’s even bigger than all the cancers out there and all the illnesses that rob us of life… It’s about breathing FREE – free from fear, from loneliness and from all that causes us physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain. Living life and taking it in with ‘full lungs’ (as the Croatian saying goes “zivi punim plucima.”) “, Tajci Cameron said.

Tajci Cameron was one of the biggest Croatian stars in the late 80s and early 90s. She performed the song ‘Hajde da ludujemo’ at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1990 and it was one of the biggest hits at the time.

You can order your shirt today by clicking HERE. All proceeds from sales go to The Camerons fight.

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