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[VIDEO] The Master – Electric Vehicle Invention Out of Karlovac


An invention out of the Croatian town of Karlovac to beat traffic jams and crowds on the streets…

Sanja Gašparović, Marko Mirčić, Nikola Nino Šajatović, David and Denis and have invented Master, a small and powerful electric vehicle, that uses self balancing technology. It is extremely easy to drive it, you just need to lean forward or backward.

It’s fast, clean, cheap, interesting and it will change the way of your transportation. With it’s futuristic design it is set to grab everyone’s attention. You can make 360* turns in one spot thanks to it’s two motors that can move forward and backward at the same time.

Master, which is powerful enough to cross up to 20km, uses electric power source. It has a rechargeable battery inside, which can fully charge in 3 hours. Because of it’s compact size, you can use it indoors and carry it with you on the bus, train, or the plane. So how Master was born?

“One day two friends have been walking and walking and walking for all days until they sit down exhausted and come up with brilliant idea. They needed a vehicle which was small enough to enter any building and it the same time powerful enough to cross long distances. It needed to be cheap and clean. They have seen on the market electric scooters, Segway and one wheel scooters, but none were practical enough, so they decide to make Master,” the team behind it said.

Find out more about the Master and order one here.


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