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TV Channel for Croatians Abroad Launching 1 January 2018

HRT news in English team which started earlier this year (Photo credit: Dražen Patljar)

State-owned broadcaster Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) will launch a TV channel for Croatians around the world on Monday 1 January 2018.

HRT will launch the TV channel HRT – HTV 5 for expat Croats and Croats living around the world.

The satellite signal for HTV 5 will be available in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand with the channel broadcasting specialised content intended for Croatian emigrants and the international public.

The channel will also broadcast a selection of the content of the other four HRT channels (HRT 1, 2, 3, 4) as well as a selection of archival material from HRT.

Among content intended for Croatians outside of the Republic of Croatia and the international public will be television news in English, German and Spanish, and the documentary series’ Discover Croatia’ and ‘Croatia, My Choice’, portraying the destiny of expat Croatians, returnees and foreigners in Croatia.

There will also be documentary content that follows the historical links between the Republic of Croatia and the rest of the world, as well as the value of Croatian cultural heritage. There will also be specialised programmes intended for Croatian minorities, for example, the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, HRT says.

The purpose HRT is to offer content in English, German and Spanish so that the Republic of Croatia is brought closer to the globe, not only to the younger generations of Croatian emigrants but also to foreigners.

Eight hours of daily programmes, which will include 90 minutes of specialised content daily, will be repeated twice during the day to cover all time zones where there are large Croatian communities.

More detailed information on the programme schedule HRT – HTV 5 will be available on Monday, January 1, on the following website – hrt.hr

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