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Tourist results for Advent in Zagreb published

Advent in Zagreb (Photo: Julien Duval/TZGZ)

ZAGREB, 17 January 2020 – There were 12% more tourist arrivals and 11% more overnight stays during Advent in Zagreb, this is according to data from the Zagreb Tourist Board published on Friday.

There were 160,917 arrivals and 308,787 overnight stays during Advent in Zagreb from 29 November 2019 – 7 January 2020.

During that period, the number of domestic tourists made up 53,545 arrivals (growth of 15%), whilst foreign tourists accounted for 107,372 arrivals (growth of 10%). The most numerous were guests arrived from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Germany. Of the total nights registered, domestic tourists realised 97,825 (15% growth) and foreign tourists 210,962 (9% growth).

Zagreb Tourist Board Director Martina Bienenfeld commented on the results: “Advent in Zagreb is the most successful Zagreb tourist event and I am extremely pleased with these great results. We are particularly pleased by the fact that individual markets (Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Serbia), where Zagreb Tourist Board conducted targeted online and offline marketing campaigns, increased more than 15%. Thus, 27% more overnight stays from Germany and 24% more overnight stays from Austria were registered, which indicates the success of the campaign as well as the popularity of Advent itself in Zagreb. In addition to the mentioned markets, online campaigns were also conducted in Spain, the USA, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary through advertisements, display and video ads, and an increase from these markets. Advertisements were also displayed on YouTube, Google, social networks (Facebook, Instagram) and portals in these markets.”

(Photo: (Photo: Julien Duval/ Zagreb Tourist Board)

And the results for the whole of 2019 for Zagreb were also good and in line with the forecasts. More specifically, the number of arrivals increased by 4% (1,459,572) and the number of overnight stays by 5% (2,656,964) compared to 2018. With these results, Zagreb, in commercial accommodation, took 1st place in arrivals and 5th place in overnight stays. 

Zagreb Tourist Board expects that the positive trend will continue in the coming months.

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