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Tourism Minister in Moscow to Bring the Russians Back

Dubrovnik Croatia’s Minister of Tourism Darko Lorencin is in the Russian capital Moscow and the Ukraine this week as he tries to salvage the decline in tourists coming to Croatia from those nations…

Last year saw a significant drop in the number of Russian and Ukrainian tourists, more than 20%, after Croatia’s hands were tied to adopt new visa restrictions for the two nations. With the visa obtaining process both complicated and costly, Russians and Ukrainians opted for different holiday destinations and now Lorencin wants them back. The Minister will attend workshops and meet with more than 100 Russian business people as he tries to smooth relations, before moving onto to Kiev to do the same thing. One of Lorencin’s goals is to make visa obtaining a simply, timely and easy process. The Croatian embassies in Russia and the Ukraine have set up centres in order to facilitate and expedite the issuing of 180-day visas. Lorencin’s last workshop in the Ukraine will be on Friday.

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