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Tomislav Lubenjak sets new Guinness World Record in Zagreb

Tomislav broke the record on Sunday

28 April 2019 – Tomislav Lubenjak has broken the Guinness World Record for pushing a car the furtherest in 24 hours by an individual in Zagreb on Sunday. 

Lubenjak, from Zagreb, set off at 3 pm on Saturday in his attempt to beak the reocrd of 82.28 km set by Poland’s Przemyslaw Marczewski.  By early Sunday morning he had passed 83 km and at around 12:30 pm on Sunday reached his goal of 100 km. 

He finally stopped at around 2:20 pm on Sunday, 40 minutes short of 24 hours after pushing the smart car and driver 106,938 km. In the process he also broke the world record for pushing a car by two people which was 95.07 km, set by Macedonians Aleksandar Chekorov and Alexsandar Smilkov.  

Tomislav had lots of support

“As a former professional athlete I knew what I was getting into and what physical and psychological challenges I would face. As a fitness trainer I am obliged to test the boundaries of human possibilities myself, because only then can I use this knowledge from my own experience in the training of top athletes,” Tomislav said, who will receive the official Guinness plaque after the surveillance footage is checked.  

Croatian Olympian hammer-thrower Ivana Brkljačić, who supported Tomislav in this project, says Tomislav sent a strong message to young people about challenging their own boundaries. 

Tomislav and his proud grandmother

“With this result, Lubenjak really broke the limits of human possibilities, and the sincere support of Croatian media and all supporters who gave him this extraordinary strength to achieve the high goal he set. It was a real professional challenge both in the organisation of the official Guinness attempt to defeat the record as well as in accurate and timely communication of the achieved results. Thank you very much to all the media, you have become an essential part of the story of this great success,” she said. 

(Photos: Goran Šerbula/avionkarte.hr)

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