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The 9 Croatian Towns With More Births than Deaths

Kaštela one of the only 9 towns with more births than deaths

Only nine cities or towns in Croatia recorded more births than deaths. 

According to data from the Bureau of Statistics, out of 128 cities and towns in Croatia, only nine recorded more births than deaths last year, Jutarnji reports. 

Not one major city in the country was on the list, with the majority small towns on the coast. 

The town of Solin, which is just outside of Split, was in number one position with 76 more births than deaths last year. There were 280 births compared to 204 deaths. 

Solin (Photo: PJL under CC)

Next was Metković, which is located in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County on the banks of the river Neretva, which recorded a population increase of 45 with 169 births and 124 deaths. 

Metković (Photo: MaGa under CC)

Next was Kaštela, also just outside of Split, which recorded 389 births and 356 deaths (33). 


Dugo Selo which is around 20 km from Zagreb, was the fourth town with 187 births and 156 deaths (31). 

Imotski in the Dalmatian hinterland had a positive population increase of 16 with 103 births and 87 deaths. 

Imotski from the air (Photo: Discover Imotski)

The town of Krk had an increase of 11 with 73 births and 62 deaths. 

Pazin in Istria recorded an increase of 11 (96/85), whilst Opuzen had an increase of just 6 (26/20) and Biograd na Moru only 2 (55/53).  


9 Croatian Tows with More Births than Deaths

  1. Solin
  2. Metković
  3. Kaštela
  4. Dugo Selo
  5. Imotski
  6. Krk
  7. Pazin
  8. Opuzen
  9. Biograd na Moru

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