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Testing Reveals Big Brands Selling Inferior Products in Croatia


A popular belief in Croatia that some major brands are supplying the market with lower quality versions than in richer western countries has been proven after more than 20 products were put to the test recently, daily Jutarnji list reports.

It is the belief of many that a number of products imported into Croatia, such as Milka chocolate, Nutella, Gillette shavers, Coca-Cola, Colgate toothpaste and Ariel detergent, have been of a lower standard than what is on the shelves in other western European countries.

Recently Croatia’s European Parliament Member Biljana Borzan, and Director of the Croatian Food Agency Andrea Gross-Bošković, presented results of surveys recently conducted which showed that most citizens believe that products intended for the Croatian market are of an inferior quality.

As a result laboratory testing was conducted to compare identical products found on shelves in Croatia and Germany.

27 products were tested throughout the project.

The products which showed a marked difference in quality on Croatian and German shelves were Nutella, Wuddy frankfurters, Hipp baby food, Danone Activia fruit yoghurts, Haribo sweets and Ariel detergent. All products were inferior in Croatia.

Ariel detergent inferior in Croatia

“The biggest differences were observed in five food products and one detergent, “said Borzan.

There were differences in quality also found in 14 other products (53.8%), and 9 of the 14 there was a difference in quality and price. Only four products revealed no difference in price or quality – Happy Day 100% Orange, Red Bull, Barilla pasta and Lenor fabric softener.

Borzan hopes that the revelations will lead to a law change.

Products tested:

Jacobs Cronat Gold Coffee, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Bravo orange juice, Nestea ice tea, Heineken beer, Red Bull

Milka cholocate with hazelnuts, Nutella spread, Haribo sweets

Philadelphia spread, Activia fruit yoghurt, Monte milk dessert

Rio Mare tuna in olive oil, Iglo fish fingers

Monino olive oil, Raman spread

Barilla spaghetti


Wudy frankfurters

Baby food
Hipp – turkey with rice and carrots

Nesquick chocolate

Ariel detergent, Silan softner

Hygiene products
Nivea shower gel, Colgate toothpaste

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