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Teleconference on protocol for arrival of Slovenian tourists in Croatia held



ZAGREB, May 11 (Hina) –  The head of the Croatian Institute of Public Health, Krunoslav Capak, said on Monday that they held a teleconference today with representatives of the Slovenian National Institute of Public Health regarding a protocol for the arrival of Slovenian tourists to Croatia.

“We are talking and exchanging epidemiological data and experience in the two states to determine how and under what conditions it could be allowed that nationals of both countries go across the border. Ministers will agree on that, and it is up to us to assess everything,” Capak told reporters.

The Croatian Institute of Public Health has completed the validation of serological tests, which have shown the same results as the PCR tests. Surveys are being conducted among the subjects and sera collected, and at the beginning of next week, everything will be ready to test the first 1,000 samples.

This will not be a representative sample, and the Institute will be able to carry out more extensive testing once the project they submitted to the Croatian Science Foundation is approved, as they will have more funding for buying the tests.

Asked about the upcoming parliamentary election and how people in self-isolation will vote, Capak said that they were not ill although they are at greater risk, so distance voting might be organised for them. However, it would not be a problem even if they came to a polling station if they wore a face mask.

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