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Tastes of Slavonia Week

Tastes of Slavonia

The richness of the eastern region of Slavonia has always been measured by the size of the heart. Visitors are treated like kings, and in this part of Croatia, nobody has ever gone hungry.

Every meal is prepared and served with love. The fertile Slavonian plain has always fed its inhabitants, and the area of the Požega valley was called by the ancient Romans ‘Vallis Aurea’ or the ‘Golden Valley’.

If you are a gourmet and wine lover, especially chardonay which has a reputation around the world, the Požega-Slavonia County is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the eno-gastro manifestation ‘Taste of Golden Slavonia’ is an opportunity to experience it first hand.

‘Taste of Golden Slavonia’ will be held from 4 – 11 November 2017 and provides visitors with a chance to enjoy traditional dishes at promotional prices in seven establishments.

“This week seven establishments in the County have created two attractive menus, one at a price of 65 kuna, the other at a price of 85 kuna. The popular places taking part are; Zlatni lug, Stari fenjeri, Vila Stanišić and Grgin dol from Požega, Čiča Mata from Velika, Schon Blick from Vetovo and Klas from Pleternica,” Ivona Odvorčić Kahanek from the Pozega-Slavonia Tourist Board said.

The week is an ideal occasion to discover and taste local delights such as soups, vinogradarski ćevap, pišingeri, taranica, tačkrle and lots more.

Vinogradarski ćevap

The highlight of the event is expected to be on the weekend when The holy day of wine, Martinje, or St Martin’s Day, is celebrated (11 November).

There are more than 30 wineries on three wine roads – Vinogorje Požega-Pleternica, Vinogorje Kutjevo i Vinogorje Pakrac – are connected with ‘Slavonski puti’ which is a unique tourist experience in the County.

More details about the menus on the Facebook page.


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