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Survivor: To Survive the Drava River Premieres

Survivor: To Survive the Drava River

A new Croatian documentary-hybrid film about survival in the Drava River has had its premiere this weekend. The film is now available to view online (bottom of the article) with English subtitles.

Survivor: To Survive the Drava River is a 60-minute film about surviving in nature to raise awareness and was made at a cost of 0 kuna.

Robert Markovcic, aka Moko, guides viewers on a 5-day unique adventure to locations along Drava River’s old stream, all the way to the exit at Donja Dubrava.

Robert Markovcic

Moko is a real character, not imaginary. He is a former instructor of the first Croatian school ‘Extreme Survival’. He is an expert on all types of weapons, has great knowledge of flora and fauna, especially plants and birds, and is the author of the 800-page book ‘Survive the apocalypse’.

In the film, Moko shows his survival skills. In addition to eating frogs and insects, the film features old-world fishing techniques, and he shows how useful plants are in extreme survival situations.

Survivor: To Survive the Drava River

The first 40 minutes of the film follows Moko as he looks for food and shelters, explaining in a simple and direct way to viewers how it works. The final 20 minutes of the film features some fiction.

“When the Drava River is mentioned, with us it is associated with the Amazon and South America. That is really how it looks after the 22nd hydropower plant in the Drava. It is downstream the Dubrava hydropower plant where a unique 12 km long river rafting track begins,” the creators say.

Survivor: To Survive the Drava River

“The film premiered this weekend at Kino Velebit Koprivnica. Entry was free and we want to thank all the organisers and the Koprivnica Tourist Board. ”

Survivor: To Survive the Drava River

Eight people in total worked on creating the film, with some scenes of birds and wildlife in the Drava also provided by Goran Šafarek.

Survivor: To Survive the Drava River

Special Thanks: Damir Filipović Fila, Marko Međimorec, Saša Mustač, Davor Barić, & Dream Girl – Diana Bartolić.
Executive Producer, camera, postproduction: Damjan Kolarek
HD 1920x1080p, 30 fps; Dolby Digital Stereo.

You can watch the film on the link, with English subtitles, below (cannot be viewed on mobile devices).

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