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SuncèBeat festival celebrating 10th anniversary this summer

SuncèBeat celebrates 10th anniversary this summer

SuncèBeat festival’s tenth anniversary takes place on 24-31 July at The Garden Resort, Tisno. 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary, co-founder Alex Lowes takes a look back at SunceBeat’s ’10 Best moments’.

•Black Coffee at Suncebeat8 is referred to by so many as a moment in time when musical history was made – we have to make this our most memorable moment ever. For those who weren’t there it’s very difficult to even begin putting the electricity into words – perhaps playing Purple Rain as the sun came up and the rain fell, is the moment that we all felt it!

•The first boat party that we had to cancel because of heavy storms  – hugely anticipated and sold out with Osunlade, Craig Smith and Ron Trent – it ended up one of the best sessions EVER in the Olive Grove Tent, which was then aptly renamed ‘Ron Tent’

•Terry Jones playing a stunning daytime set at the picnic, on the beach terrace  – by the end all the locals and their children were singing and dancing along with us all!

•How well the pairing of Kerri Chandler and Sandy Rivera would end up, wasn’t predicted and the Kaoz boat party will go down in history as one of the best voyages ever.

•Johnny Miller’s South African boat party with Black Coffee and Djeff was definitely outstanding.

•Osunlade playing an unannounced opening midday set on the beach stage, surprising people as he dropped the other side of his collection stands out as one of the best musical memories of the past decade

•Separately Rich Medina and Spinna are pretty untouchable selectors but their side by side hip hop and soul sets at the Olive Grove were just musical genius

•MiSoul boat party for Suncebeat7 is up there in terms of unforgettable atmosphere with the combined energy of Ronnie Herel, Terry Hunter, Gordon Mac, Brian Power and MC Creed on the mic!

•The brilliant, winning combination of music, sun, likeminded people, DJ’s, promoters – all in it for the same reason. We always have this same memory with us as we head home each year

•Every memory we have ever been a part of with the late, great, legendary and incredible human Paul Trouble Anderson will be held onto so dearly, especially now. If we have to choose just one it would be the back to back set he played with Spen in 2017 at Barbarellas after the storm… the energy of Paul when he was truly lost in music was something we will never ever forget. We love you PTA xx

For more information and tickets for this year’s festival: https://suncebeat.com/ 


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