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Summer in Slavonia: 5 original things to do

Slavonia in summer

Croatia is a country full of beauty, but it is not just limited to the coast.

Slavonia in the east if the country is a great choice for summer breaks for anyone who wants something new, different and original. Here are some tips and ideas of what to do in the Požega-Slavonia County in western Slavonia. 

Discover the beauty of Papuk


Papuk, which is one of a total of five mountains stretching in the Požega-Slavonia County,  is a favourite destination for hikers, free climbers, paragliders, cyclists, and families with children. Because of its beauty and biodiversity, Papuk was granted the status of a Nature Park in 1999 and due to the geological history was declared the first geopark in Croatia in 2007. In 2015 it was given the status of a geopark under the protection of UNESCO.

With Mountain lodges, camps and modern villas, you can choose the accommodation that suits you best and enjoy the deep shade of the woods in the hot summer days. If you are an adrenaline junkie you should not miss the newly opened Adrenalin park Duboka in Velika.

Walk Požega’s baroque centre


From the centre of Požega town to Sokolovac hill there is a kilometre and a half long “Falcon Trail”, ideal for hikers and those who just want an active walk. The trail is named after a local hero, Brother Luka Ibrišimović Sokol who, with the locals had liberated the town from the Ottomans in 1688.


Due to the five mountains surrounding Požega valley, since the Roman era known as the Golden Valley, Požega is an attractive destination for hikers and mountain bike lovers.


After strolling to its baroque centre from St. Trinity to the cathedral of St. Theresa Aviles, take a break in one of the cafe bars or restaurants.

Visit Pleternica and discover bećarac


The humourous form of folk song originating in Slavonia known as bećarac has been added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

There are more than a hundred bećarac performers in the town of Pleternica. Therefore, Pleternica has found a way to indulge in the tradition and have dedicated an Interpretation Center, Museum, promenade and the Main Town Square to bećarac.

Relax with a glass of Graševina


Graševina is the most widespread white grape variety that has been so much enjoyed in Croatia that many experts consider to be autochthonous in the area of Požega-Slavonia. Here there are some of the most famous Croatian cellars, and three wine roads with thirty wineries you can go visit and enjoy some of the product. One of the wine roads leads through the most prized Croatian vineyard Kutjevo. 

Wine road

The Graševina cycling route (18 km) is circular and runs over asphalt and macadam through the vineyards and is a great opportunity for unforgettable views from southern wine-growing hillsides of Papuk and a ride along the vineyards of the famous vintners of Krauthaker, Enjingi and Sontacchi.


A glass of top quality Graševina is a great choice for a hot summer day, and when you are drinking it in its natural environment, it’s a memorable experience.

Ride the Lipizzaner and Kuna trail


The Lipizzaner, is a breed of horse originating from Lipica in Slovenia. Established in 1580, the Lipica stud farm is the world’s oldest continuously operating stud farm.

If you are an experienced rider or just up for a challenge, do not miss riding from Lipik to Pakrac on the well-organized Lipizzancians and Kuna trail. The Lipizzanes are today one of the symbols of this city. The trail is made up of 98 km of marked paths of designated signposts, info panels and maps. It connects various destinations, offering an experience for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, with many well-equipped resting places.

Something for everyone in Slavonia

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