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Success for Croatian olive oils at New York World Olive Oil Competition

14 May 2020 – There has once again been success for Croatian olive oils at the prestigious NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) in New York. 

The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition, which was judged remotely by a 17-member panel of experts due to the pandemic, starting unveiling the 2020 winners on Monday. 

There were a total of 881 entries registered in this eighth edition of the world’s largest and most prestigious olive oil contest held each spring. 

32 Croatian olive oils have won gold and silver medals so far. Each day until Sunday more winners are announced. Croatian winners so far:

Gold medal – Monovarietal 

Černeka Bjelica 
Červar Coratina 
Avistria Buža 
PG Olivetum Posavianus Picholine 
Bembo Buža 
Eva Marija Levantinka 
Perdisacca Rosignola 
Avistria Stari Buža  
Nonno Bruno Buža 

Gold medal – Blends

Fortica Coratina Moraiolo
Brist Exclusive Selection
Ol Istria Selection
Sv Ivan Blend
Ex Albis
Monte Rosso Premium
De Kleva
Punta Cissana
Salvela Aurum
Rheos Premium

Silver medal – Monovarietal

Sv Ivan Oblica 
Al Torcio Leccino
Ol Istria Picholine
Oliveri Coratina 
Al Torcio Moraiolo

Silver medal – Blends

Perica frantoio
Terre Bianche
Avistria Istrian Blend

The complete results are presented on the Official Index of the World’s Best Olive Oils. 

You can follow the live results here

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