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Study Reveals Croatia is World’s 6th Biggest Beer Drinking Country

Croatia ranked 6th when it comes to beer consumption

When it comes to drinking beer, only five other nations in the world guzzle down more than Croatia.

A new study by Statista has revealed how much beer nations drunk per capita around the world in 2017, with Croatia ranked in 6th place.

Croatia has a long, hot summer tourist season to thank for its high ranking, but they are still well behind the world’s biggest beer drinkers – the Czechs.

On average Czechs drank 137.38 litres in 2017, over 38 litres each per person than the Poles in second place.
European countries dominated the top 15 with only America and Australia sneaking making it.

In 3rd place were the Germans with an average of 95.95 litres drunk per person last year. Austria was 4th with 95.46 litres consumed, followed by Lithuania (92) and then Croatia with 81.19 litres on average.

(Photo: Statista)

Behind Croatia came Ireland, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria. America was ranked 12th with Australia one place behind in 13th.

The beer market is growing significantly and is expected to influence the market growth across developing countries. The worldwide revenue of US$281 billion in 2017 is expected to increase to US$309 billion by 2021, Statista says.

Croatia has been going through a craft beer revolution recently (All In)

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