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Stuck for Christmas Gifts? Why Not Go Croatian

CWChristmas is almost upon us and if nothing else you can be assured that many amongst you (and indeed us) are still frantically trying to decide what presents and gifts would be best suited to family, friends, and those we love. Since a great many who read these pages are from abroad living in Croatia, or are Croatians living abroad themselves, it seems only fair to offer some suggestions.

Ties and scarfs, along with socks and the like, often find themselves part of any default shopping plan. But it needn’t be like that. Most of you will know by now that the cravat’s ancestral home is Croatia, and Croatia’s premier neckwear outlet is none other than CROATA. Pick up a beautiful kaftan for her or a classy bow-tie for him. Remember, Doctor Who insists that bow-ties are cool.

Kaftan from CROATA

Kaftan from CROATA

Perhaps you’re wanting to send something intrinsically Croatian abroad? The expats already living here will surely know how much it means to receive a parcel from home, containing those little things that are uniquely Irish, English, French, etc. whether it be chocolate, tea, and so on. For Croatia it could be argued that its cheeses and meats are things which can only be found here and here only. So, if you think you can fit a large chunk of cured meat into a parcel and get it somewhere, then take a look at Kuća pršuta on Vlaška.



For cheese, we need go no further than Pag’s own Sirana Gligora (whose webshop link can be found on our homepage), and who have graciously put their recent Super Gold Medal winner, Kolan Extra Stari – made from Dalmatian cow’s milk – on special offer so that more people might be able to sample it. Gilgora will happily pack your cheese and ship it all around the world if you so desire. Gligora also have shops dotted all over Zagreb and Croatia, so you’ll be able to pick up a few wheels of Paški sir for yourself in person.

Gligora ship cheese all over the world

Gligora ship cheese all over the world

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