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Special gold Croatian kuna coin issued  

Croatian one kuna gold coin

(Photo: HNB/Croatian National Bank)

ZAGREB, 1 December 2020 – The Croatian National Bank in cooperation with the Croatian Monetary Institute has presented a new series of investment special gold coins. 

The gold coin is identical in all characteristics to the one kuna circulation coin issued in 2020  with the same motif, diameter, thickness. The only difference the gold coin is heavier because it is a precious metal of higher density.

The gold coin comes in a limited series of 2020 pieces, each packed in a special capsule and envelope.

The initial sale price is expected to be around HRK 4,589.31, with the sale price depending on the movement of the gold price.

croatian gold coin one kuna

The special gold coin and envelope (Photo: Croatian Monetary Institute)

The author of the conceptual and artistic design of the new commemorative coin is the academic sculptor Kuzma Kovačić, and it was minted at the Croatian Monetary Institute.

Interested citizens can purchase the new commemorative gold coins from December 23, 2020. It can be ordered and purchased through the online store here.

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