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Spanish are Croatian Capital’s Number 1 Tourists

For a number of years tourists heading to Croatia during the summer would generally bypass the capital and head straight for the Adriatic coast, or the number of spectacular islands dotted along it. However, Zagreb’s reputation as a destination in its own right has grown rapidly in the last 24 months.

Last month more than 90,000 foreign and domestic tourists visited the capital, spending two days on average there. This year Zagreb has enjoyed 17% growth in tourist arrivals, pleasing the Zagreb Tourist Board in the process. So where do most of the tourists hail from? It is the Spaniards who were the number one visitors in July, with 5,700. After the Spanish were the Americans (5,500), followed by the Germans (5,300), and the Brits (4,500). There were also large numbers from France, Italy, Holland, Austria and Korea. In the ‘least’ category, tourist from Oman were the outright winners, followed by Lichtenstein and China.

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