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Serbs Want Law Changed So They Can Own Property In Croatia

Serbia’s Justice Minister Nikola Selakovic has written to his Croatian counterpart Orsat Miljenic with a proposal seeking a solution for the current issue of Serbian nationals not being permitted to acquire real estate in Croatia.

Currently, Serbians can not acquire property in Croatia, unless it is inherited, and from just a few months ago, Croatian nationals can not acquire real estate in Serbia and Selakovic wants this to change, seeking a reciprocal agreement which will see both Serbs and Croats be able to acquire real estate in each others country. For now Selakovic has not received a reply from the Croatian side to the proposal he sent on 13 September.

“I personally have signed, I don’t know how many, positive responses at the request of Croatian citizens to acquire property in Serbia, then we got information that Serbs in Croatia are denied such consents, so we too have stopped, until we get an official answer from the Croatia side,” Selakovic told paper Belgrade today.

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