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See You Under the Clock

CroatiaIf you’re in New York it may be under the Grand Central Terminal Clock, on the Town Hall Steps at the Sydney Town Hall, at the ‘Mushroom’ on Stureplan in Stockholm, and under the clock in Københavns Hovedbanegård if you happen to find yourself in Copenhagen...

Every city around the world will have well-known meeting points, places which are recognisable and convenient for both tourists and citizens to meet.  Squares, statues, parks, amusement parks, railway stations…each city has its own, but if you find yourself in Croatia’s capital and have to meet someone in town, you will no doubt be summoned to the clock on Zagreb’s main Ban Jelačić square. Here is one fact you can impress, or not, the person you are meeting there with – the famous Lebarović clock that you are standing under has been in operation on the square since 1953.



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