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Salt festival being held at Europe’s oldest salt pans in Ston

Ston (Photo: Visit Ston)

STON, 29 August 2019 – A five-day-long festival dedicated to the ancient tradition of salt production opened in Ston in the south of Dalmatia on Wednesday. 

The 3rd edition of the Festival of Salt is being held until 2 September at the Ston salt pans, which are the oldest in Europe and the largest preserved pans in the history of the Mediterranean.

“The idea of creating this festival in Ston was inspired by the salt story and the Dubrovnik Republic, which based its progress on, among other things, the production and trade of this important item in the diet of people”, organisers said.

Ston salt pans have remained unchanged since the 14th century and still today it is an important economic entity and a unique monument of culture and tourist attraction in the area. The tradition of harvesting salt has been passed on for over 4,000 years and since then salt is produced in the same way with only the assistance of the sea, sun, and wind. Ston salt pans consist of 58 pools divided into 5 groups as the whole sat producing process has to go through five stages which last one to two months depending on weather conditions.

(Visit Ston)

There are nine pools for the crystallization process and all but one Mundo (world) are named after saints (Francis, Nicholas, Balthazar, Anthony, Joseph, John, Peter and Paul).

The festival, which is free to attend and is also plastic-free this year, offers creative workshops, local crafts from Ston, Peljesac and Dubrovnik, lectures, degustations and concerts. More details about the festival schedule here.

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