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Rule changes for parcels arriving in Croatia from outside the EU

Rule changes for parcels arriving in Croatia from outside the EU

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It is no longer possible to change electronic data after the shipments have arrived in Croatia

ZAGREB, November 2, 2022 – From Tuesday, November 1, new rules apply to shipments arriving in Croatia from outside the European Union, Croatian Post said. 

With the amendment to the regulations of the Customs Administration of the Republic of Croatia, it is no longer possible to change, subsequently enter or delete the IOSS number on the shipment after the shipment arrives in Croatia.

Online retailers registered in the Special Taxation Procedure (IOSS) system offer the option of paying VAT when ordering goods. In that case, the amount of VAT is included in the final price and the IOSS number will be indicated on the customs declaration of the shipment or on the invoice, Croatian Post said.

If the electronic information on the IOSS number is correct, the shipment will reach the recipient without charging additional costs, because there are no public fees for such shipments, as well as representation costs when preparing the control of customs declarations.

In the event that an incorrect IOSS number arrives via the electronic system or the number is not specified at all, representation costs are charged when making the declaration, amounting to HRK 18.50 for shipments worth up to 150 euros (H7 declaration), or HRK 37.00 for shipments worth 150 up to 1000 euros (H6 declaration). In the event that the recipient has been charged VAT both by the sender and at the time of customs inspection, the recipient should contact the seller directly for a VAT refund.

All shipments with a value of less than 45 euros reach the recipients free of charge, if the sender is physical person, Croatian Post added.

As of July 1, 2021, the exemption from VAT on the import of shipments with a value of up to 22 euros from third countries was abolished at the level of the European Union. Therefore, all shipments with goods originating from countries outside the EU must be charged VAT that is valid in the country where the shipment is delivered. Depending on the value of the goods, an additional customs fee may be charged.

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