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Rimac Nevera and aerobatic plane to race

Rimac Nevera and aerobatic plane to race

(Photo: Fly Over/PR)

The most expensive cars in the world, aerial acrobatics, acceleration races and a race between the Rimac Nevera electric hypercar and an aerobatic plane awaits this weekend in the Croatian city of Varaždin. 

Fly Over, which will take place this weekend in Varaždin, is a unique project that aims to promote Croatia and is organised by the Croatian team called Clean Fellas.

Fly Over is a three-day meeting that lasts from Friday to Sunday, and will bring together owners of rare cars coming from as many as 16 European countries.

The main part of the program will take place on Saturday, June 11, when Fly Over participants will gather on Kapucinski trg in Varaždin, from where they will start the parade through the streets of the city to Varaždin Airport, where guests will witness a special and unprecedented spectacle. 

Peter Podlunšek, an experienced Red Bull acrobatic pilot, will fly in a sports plane over a Rimac Nevera at a height of only a few meters and turn it upside down.

Saturday’s program:

09:00 – gathering of participants on Kapucinski trg
10:30 – start of the parade through the streets of Varaždin
13:00 – arrival at Varaždin airport
13:00 – 20:00 – acceleration races, car show, Rimac Nevere and acrobatic plane race, selection of the 3 best cars, game for prizes (flying in an airplane and driving an expensive car) 
20:00 – end of the event

A limited number of participants will be able to participate in the spectacle at Varaždin Airport due to security reasons, and tickets can be purchased on the organisers’ website https://www.cleanfellas.net/fly-over-info/

More details can be found here

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