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Rimac Austin: Croatian car maker opens second dealership in Texas 

Rimac Nevera represents Croatia on the world stage at Dubai Expo

Rimac Nevera (Photo: Rimac Automobili)

Rimac Automobili’s expansion in North America continues rapidly, with the announcement of its 12th dealership partner in the United States – Rimac Austin. 

Adding a second location in the state of Texas, alongside Rimac Houston, the new Austin dealership becomes a key part of Rimac’s presence in the south central region of the USA.

Roni Kert, Head of Sales, Rimac Automobili, said: “The development of our dealer partner network throughout the world is an incredibly important part of the Nevera’s journey. Our customers are beginning a long-term commitment to Nevera, an entirely new type of performance car that requires the very best experts to maintain it. With the help of partners like Rimac Austin, we can ensure that their ownership matches the extraordinary experience of driving Nevera.”

Nevera: Rimac unveils new Croatian electric hypercar

(Photo: Rimac)

The Nevera’s stop in Austin comes as part of the car’s North American tour, which has already seen test drive opportunities and launch events at dealerships in New York, Boston, Charlotte, Toronto and Montreal. It’s also appeared at some of America’s premier automotive events, including The Quail and The Bridge. 

Nevera went next to Houston before heading to Miami, Palm Beach and Orlando and finally on to southern California. 

All dealer partners are carefully selected to ensure they can meet the world-class technical expertise required to service the groundbreaking Nevera. 

Nevera: Rimac unveils new Croatian electric hypercar

Rimac Nevera (Photo: Rimac Automobili)

These requirements include a deep understanding of its proprietary 120kWh liquid-cooled lithium manganese nickel battery, in-house developed e-Axles and the bespoke software controlling vehicle functions, making use of specialist digital diagnostic tools developed by Rimac. 

Factory technicians from Croatia provide comprehensive training to each partner, ensuring that the knowledge available at the Rimac Group’s home on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia is found across the globe. 

The Nevera is a truly global hypercar, requiring a meticulous five-year development process using 18 prototypes, conducting 45 physical crash tests and committing to 1.6 million hours of research and development to ensure the Nevera’s global homologation. Rimac’s growing dealer network spans all major markets, including dealer partnerships in North America, Europe the Middle East and Asia. 

Nevera: Rimac unveils new Croatian electric hypercar

Rimac Nevera (Photo: Rimac Automobili)

Each year, 50 Neveras will be built at Rimac’s home in Croatia. All major components are designed, engineered and manufactured in-house by Rimac, from the battery to powertrain components and the carbon-fibre monocoque, all of which are brought together on our production line.

The Nevera’s 1,914hp is produced by four bespoke Rimac-engineered electric motors, enabling 0-60mph in just 1.85 seconds, and 0-100mph in 4.3 seconds. While it offers up performance unseen in all hypercars before it, it’s been designed to enable all-electric grand touring previously deemed near-impossible with present day technology.

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