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Record numbers visit attractive Trakoscan castle & park

Trakoscan castle (Photo credit: Sandra Tralic)

5 September 2019 – It has been a record year for one of the biggest tourist attractions in Hrvatsko Zagorje – the Trakoscan castle. 

One of the most beautiful castles in Croatia, Trakoscan was a small medieval fortress back in the 14th century.  In the 19th century, the Drašković family turned the castle into a residential manor-house in Neo-Gothic style, the surrounding landscape into a beautiful Romanticist gardens and the valley into a picturesque large lake. The castle is also a museum with collections of armour, paintings, books and baroque furniture.

This year more visitors than ever will have visited the castle, breaking last year’s record.  Already in August, the total number of visitors in 2018 has been reached. At this rate, 12% more people than in 2018 will visit this year. 

“In the first 8 months of the year there have been 60,000 visitors to the castle, whilst 25,000 have visited the park, because now we register them too. We expect that by the end of the year around 90,000 people will have visited the castle and another 40,000 the park,” Trakoscan director, Adam Pintaric told RTL. 

Inside the castle (Photo: Croq/CC)

Tourists are mainly attracted to the lake, walls of the castle, as well as the collections inside the castle. A large number of the visitors are local, from Croatia with foreigners making up more than 20%. 

Management say that by improving the tourist offering at Trakoscan castle, it has helped with numbers and in 5 years they expect 200,000 people to visit Trakoscan annually. 

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