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Record 2,729% Jump In Turnover Set On Hvar After Fiscalisation Laws Introduced

Turnover growth of a whopping 2,729% in just 6 months is a luxury not even Apple or McDonald’s enjoy, but for one establishment on the popular Dalmatian island of Hvar it is a reality – well, a reality on paper at least.

Croatian daily Jutarnji list have revealed on Saturday the ‘record holders’ for turnover growth, since fiscal cash registers, linked up to the nation’s tax office, became compulsory in January 2013. The identity of the bar/cafe/restaurant was not revealed, but the winner by a country mile was an establishment on Hvar. In June alone, the first month of the tourist season, the ‘record holders’ turnover was up an impressive 2,033% compared to June 2012.

The rigorous clampdown on Croatia’s famous ‘grey economy’ currently being displayed by the Ministry of Finance seems to be returning dividends, as proprietors are forced to issue invoices with every purchase. In Dubrovnik the largest growth in turnover was 1,375%, whilst in Split it was 178%, say Jutarnji list.

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