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Recommendations for schools and kindergartens when they reopen issued by Croatian Institute for Public Health

ZAGREB, April 30 (Hina) – The Croatian Institute for Public Health (HZJZ) on Thursday published recommendations for preventing and suppressing the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic in kindergartens and elementary schools, providing for the possibility of care for young and preschool children and those in the first four grades of elementary school.

The HZJZ recommends that children and employees suffering from chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular, malignant diseases, diabetes) stay at home, as well as children whose parents/guardians or other household members suffer from any one of those diseases.

If household members of employees suffer from any one of those diseases, or if they are aged 65 and over, employees must observe physical distance and adhere to higher sanitary standards at home.

The HZJZ suggests that all children for whom it can be arranged to stay at home do so, considering the fact that the number of children in kindergartens and schools can be such that it will not be possible to adhere to the measures of physical distancing.

“We encourage the continuation of education from home whenever possible,” the HZJZ stated.

According to the recommendations, an institution’s work should be organised in such a way that social distancing and increased personal hygiene and area hygiene can be ensured to the greatest extent possible.

A physical distance of at least two metres in closed spaces is recommended especially between employees, but also between employees and children, with the exception of child care.

Also, parents entering an institution should be avoided whenever possible, and only the teacher and children are allowed to be in the same area.

Kindergartens and schools must organise their activities in such a way that the groups at all times consist of as few children as possible. If possible, the groups should consist of nine children at most and one teacher, and after the groups of children are formed, new children are not to be admitted for 14 days after the application of the recommendations.

Schools and kindergartens are expected to open at the start of the third phase on 11 May. 

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