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Rainbow Warrior Docks into Split

CroatiaThe Rainbow Warrior, a purpose-built sailing yacht owned and operated by Greenpeace and intended for use in their activities such as environmental protests and scientific excursions, has docked in the Croatian port of Split on Tuesday…

Visitors have the chance to see Greenpeace’s most recognisable vessel down at the port on Tuesday and Wednesday before it departs Croatian shores.

The vessel in Split is the first Rainbow Warrior that is not converted from another vessel. The boat was built-in Germany, and includes features on board such as advanced telecommunication equipment, specialised scientific equipment and a helicopter landing pad.

The ship is also designed to be one of the “greenest” ships afloat, and to showcase this quality, it runs primarily using wind power, with a 55 m mast system which carries 1255 sq meters of sail and is backed up by a “state-of-the-art hybrid”. On board the ship can store up to 59 cubic meters of greywater and blackwater, avoiding the need for disposal at sea. All materials, from the paintwork to the insulation, have been chosen with a view to sustainability, and each component has been supplied with transparent ethical sourcing. (pic: Spit Tourist Board Facebook)

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