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Questions Foreigners Need To Answer To Get Croatian Citizenship

Foreigners who wish to gain Croatian citizenship will now have to answer questions on Croatia’s history, culture, language, sport, politics and current affairs. Croatia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has this week announced the regulations one must go through to obtain Croatian citizenship.

“Permanent residents may be granted citizenship if from the time of submitting their applications they have held temporary residence for an uninterrupted period of 5 years. In the period of 5 years, a foreigner must not spend more than 10 months in total in short stints out of the country, or 6 months in one period,” said the Ministry.

Applicants will then have their knowledge about Croatia tested and will be asked a series of 15 questions about Croatian culture, sport, language, politics and everyday life.

Here are just 5 questions out of the 100 that the Ministry have prepared for potential new Croatian citizens, reported dnevnik.hr.

1. Croatia has the longest land border with which country?
2. Describe the Croatian flag?
3. One of the oldest monuments of Croatian literature from the period around the year 1100, has been preserved on the island of Krk. It is written in the Glagolitic script. It is?
4. What sport is Croatian Toni Kukoc associated with?
5. Where in Croatia is St. James church?

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