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Popular Croatian jewellery brand now available in America

Grubić design now available in the U.S.

ZAGREB, 20 December 2018 – Popular Croatian family jewellery brand, Grubić design, which has a 30-year long tradition has expanded into the United States. 

The Grubic design story started in the late 1980s when Zagreb based design enthusiast Mladen Grubić made his first pieces of jewellery. 

Twenty years later, Mladen is still working diligently, but now with the help of his son Petar and the family-based business has blossomed into a brand.

Mladen and Petar Grubić

The brand frequently participates in numerous events ranging from Zagreb Fashion Week, Design Week Zagreb to various TV shows in Croatia and this year did the jewellery for the film Aleksi. 

Grubić design today has six stores throughout Croatia in Cres, Pag, Šibenik, Zagreb and Split and has expanded internationally with their work available in Florida. 

Grubić Design

Petar recently organised a presentation of their collection in Miami with new partner Debra Brice-Leconte and the Grubić design collection is now available at D’s Closet (408 Northwood Road, West Palm Beach, Florida). 

Grubić Design

Grubić design

A new photo shoot for the American campaign was shot in Dubai.

Petar Grubić explains the U.S. expansion. 

“I was always delighted with the contacts made through tourism and this is an excellent example of that. During her holiday on our coast, Debra came into our gallery in Šibenik, and she was, I quote, left in shock.  

Grubić Design

Grubić design

We did not manage to see each other during her stay in Šibenik, but just one month later the first delivery left for Florida. We spent a lot of time communicating online and it is magical how it is easy to ‘click’ with some people.

Grubić Design

Grubić Design

Debra quickly understood that our designs brought excellent results so it was arranged that I would visit so we could expand our range and do up a large part of her beautiful shop. Americans love our products. 

Grubić Design

Grubić Design

Our event in Debra’s store was a success and we had a great time. The whole project has given me a completely new desire and vision to advance our brand and ideas and plans are slowly accumulating.

Grubić Design in Florida

Petar and Debra at the Florida store

2019 is set to be a big year for Grubić design with a new catalogue showcasing campaigns and partnerships over the last 20 years. 

Petar in Florida

You can find out more on the website here.

Grubić design

Photos in Dubai: Goran Matijašec

Make up: Ann Chandy

Models: Anja Carosini and Jelena Vučić

Assistant:  Atiyya Laher

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