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Plans for Mega Aquarium in Dubrovnik

1024px-Tunnelaquarium_14-05-2009_15-54-09The coastal city of Dubrovnik is set to get another tourists attraction – a 7,500 square metre aquarium, filled with sharks, beluga whales and giant jellyfish…

Dubrovnik Mayor Andro Vlahušić plans to build the 600-million litre aquarium at Dubrovnik’s port, reports daily Slobodna Dalmacija. Vlahušić has sought out advice from his colleagues in Karlovac, where the city plans to build the first freshwater aquarium in Croatia. Karlovac are seeking money from EU funds for the project, and Dubrovnik are expected to do the same.

A Croatian businessmen based in Russia is expected also to invest in the project, with reports that he will invest around 50 million euros in the mega-aquarium and complex which will be mainly be for tourists from cruise ships which dock into the port.

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