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Picturesque Mirogoj cemetery now one of Zagreb’s most-visited spots

Mirogoj (Photo: Victor Juric)

ZAGREB, 10 August 2019 – The Croatian capital has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over the past decade. 

More and more tourists are discovering Zagreb every year, and one particular spot has also become more popular – the city’s picturesque Mirogoj cemetery, which, according to management, is now the second most-visited spot in the city. 


Mirogoj is now on the radar of the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the city during the summer. The cemetery has become so popular that a tourist guide app for the cemetery has been created to make it easier for tourists to navigate around. 

As RTL reports, more and more tourists are choosing to take a walk through the parks and arcades of Mirogoj during their visit to Zagreb. For many, this is the best tourist attraction in the city.


“This place has nature, history and it its well looked after. There are less people here so you can really enjoy it. I think for me now this is my favourite spot in Zagreb,” Kat from USA told RTL. 

“I saw online that this is one of the places to see and that it is one of the nicest cemeteries in the world. So I said to myself why not check it out,” Joe from the UK said. 

Mirogoj’s management say that the cemetry is attracting bus-loads of tourists every day now. 

“Mirogoj is the second most-visited tourist destination in the city of Zagreb. There are a dozen buses coming here daily, organised by several travel agencies,” said City Cemetery Manager Patrik Segota.


To adapt to the demand, a new app has been developed for the cemetery. After installing the app and purchasing the code, tourists are ready to go on one of the 5 routes offered.

Mirogoj (Photo: Sandra Tralic)

The grave site of Vatroslav Lisinski is a must-see along the artist’s route. For those who do not know who he is, a description of his work is offered on the app. Along with the artist’s route there is also a history of Mirogoj route, a Homeland War route and a sport route which includes a visit to the grave of famous Croatian basketball player Drazen Petrovic. 

Grave of Drazen Petrovic (Photo: Fposilov/CC)

Mirogoj Cemetery was built on a plot of land owned by the linguist Ljudevit Gaj, purchased by the city in 1872, after his death. Architect Hermann Bollé designed the main building. The new cemetery was inaugurated on 6 November 1876.


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