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[PHOTOS] Subspace – Zagreb’s First ‘Space’ Capsule Hostel

Capsule sleeping at Zagreb's new hostel (photo credit: Subspace Hostel)

Capsule sleeping at Zagreb’s new hostel (photo credit: Sub Space Hostel)

The first space capsule hostel has opened in downtown Zagreb.

Subspace hostel has just opened its doors in Tesla street in the Croatian capital and provides guest with an opportunity to feel like they are on board a spaceship.

There are 20 capsules at the hostel, each one 2 metres long and 1.2 metres wide and high. Each capsule is equipped with a bed, monitor for internet surfing, a safe, USB chargers and a mirror.


The capsule ceilings are painted to show a view of the night sky and constellations.

Toilet and bathroom facilities are also enclosed in capsules.

The idea behind creating a spaceship experience in the form of a hostel originated in Japan, where they have been around for decades due also to the lack of space in cities.

A spaceship experience in Zagreb will set you back 250 kuna (33 euros) per night.


(photo credit: Subspace Hostel)

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