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PHOTOS: Story of the Konoba presented in Zagreb

Story of the Konoba presented in Zagreb

ZAGREB, 26 November 2019 – After New York, Boston, San Francisco, Split, Rijeka, Hvar, Opatija, Rab, and many other places, the Story of the Konoba by Miki Bratanić was presented in Zagreb. 

The multimedia presentation was held at the Cultural and Information Center in Zagreb. The Story of the Konoba showed that not only it is a valuable social and cultural event, but also a powerful national promotional framework and platform for using Croatian customs, traditions and heritage to create positive branding of Croatia in the world.

The presentation, which is an integral part of the project of the Story of the Konoba, attracted Zagreb citizens who had the opportunity to enjoy beautiful audio, video and photographic illustrations with the motives of life from the konoba, as well as enjoy in Klapa singing and traditional Dalmatian delicacies.

“The Story of the Konoba is just a window into the world of Croatian heritage” says Miki Bratanić, whose family konoba in Vrbanj on the island of Hvar is a national cultural heritage and has the status of “Protected cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia”.

And these are some of his key messages from the Story of the Konoba presentation:”Konoba is the cradle of Dalmatia”, “Konoba is the birthplace of the Klapa song”, “Konoba is the social network of our ancestors”, “Konoba is not only Dalmatian, Croatian or Mediterranean, but a universal value”, “Konoba is place where all people are the same and titles are given only to wines “, “Through the Story of the Konoba: TASTE DALMATIA, DISCOVER CROATIA, FEEL THE MEDITERRANEAN.”

The event in Zagreb was organised by Picaferaj association from Split, together with the Cultural Information Center as the host, and was sponsored by the County of Split-Dalmatia and the City of Zagreb. 

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