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[PHOTOS] Rovinj’s Charming Mediterraneo Bar on the Rocks

Mediterraneo Bar in Rovinj

Mediterraneo Bar in Rovinj

Many of the travelers exploring Croatia fall in love with the country after only a few hours of sightseeing. And there is this special and lovely town on the Istrian coast for which all of its visitors have a soft spot for. You guessed it – the town’s name is Rovinj…

Among a number of charming spots you can tumble upon while wandering this lovely town, there is one place in particular that brings out an utmost joy to both travelers and locals. Hidden in a maze of narrow streets of the stunning Old Town, Mediterraneo Bar catches the eye of every passenger strolling the Santa Croce street.
The special vibe of the place is felt even before entering the colorful passage that leads straight to the sea. And when you walk further down to the bar, the visitor knows he’s in for a special treat on his or her tour of Rovinj. Pure relaxation and a dose of inspiration by the sea is what the place gives to its numerous visitors exploring the town from May till October.

Open from 9am every day, Mediterraneo is a place to stop by for a really good cup of coffee or get a refreshing and juicy smoothie to cool off on warm days in Rovinj. Adding a great choice of lounge music to the overall atmosphere, the bar is the right way to enjoy your holiday read or just relax and listen to the melody of the Adriatic Sea.

Mediterraneo is also listed as #1 Tripadvisor place in the Nightlife category. You might not be able to dance your night off on the rocks, but you can definitely try out some exquisite cocktails, local craft beer or a glass of fine wine and enjoy the special and romantic ambience. If you get lucky, you might even hit a special edition of the evening at this place, with local musicians playing guitar and mandolina on the town’s traditional boat – batana.

To make sure not to ever forget about your special encounter with the Mediterranean, there is a charming gallery right by the bar. All the souvenirs are hand made by a local artist, giving the artwork a truly unique and special touch you won’t find anywhere else in the town.

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